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How It Works

Background screening can be complex

Allied’s Five Step Process makes it easy

Order Search

The employer orders a background check according to their specifications and policies.  This can include both the types of searches and locations.  Most searches include criminal background checks but additional searches can be added as needed.

Submit Applicant Information
Applicant information is supplied by either the employer or the applicant. Most customers request applicants be provided a link, enabling them to complete and submit the information themselves.
Perform Location Trace

A trace is performed on the information provided to confirm the location information provided is complete and defined in the background search parameters.

Perform Records Search

A thorough search is performed leveraging the latest technologies, databases and verification methods. Some jurisdictions require a physical visit to review and confirm records.

Provide Report

Clients are notified as soon as all searches are complete. Applicants and reports are available in the client portal for download and review. Throughout the process, searches are updated real-time in the client dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions


Many factors impact the speed of background checks and timing can vary based on the type of search requested, jurisdictions searched, availability of digital records, history of the candidate etc. Some records are available instantly, while others may require an actual visit to a courthouse to obtain or verify records. We leverage automation wherever possible, and all records are reviewed by our team for maximum accuracy before being released to the client. Our target turnaround time for criminal background checks is 24 hours; however, some reports may take longer to complete and verify.

Our services are based on the idea of tailored services with transparent pricing. Since the needs of customers can vary significantly, please contact our customer team so we can better understand your needs and offer you a customized proposal.

Yes, we provide employment screening services nationwide.

We do not provide background checks to individuals.  We work exclusively with clients who have a permissible purpose to obtain background checks.

In general, background checks report seven years of criminal and court records.  Some searches may have varying durations, depending on record availability.  Limitations on reportable history are governed by federal and state laws.

The status of all orders is updated real-time in our online portal.  If you need further assistance in accessing the portal, please contact our support team

No. While our services are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), we do not sell or obtain consumer credit information.


The employment screening industry is federally regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which imposes requirements on both screening providers and employers in order to protect your rights. Click here to find a summary of your rights.

After a background check is completed, the results are provided to the client. The client reviews the results of the report and makes all hiring decisions. Allied Screening is not involved in the hiring process.

No. All hiring decisions are made exclusively by the client. Allied Screening does not make the hiring decision and cannot provide details surrounding an employer’s hiring decision.

Yes. When providing information for a background report, there is a checkbox to receive a free copy of the report when completed.